Food is one of the backbones of cultural identity, plays a key role in entertainment, is integral to our celebrations, acts as a central theme for many outings, is well represented in The Arts, and has a significant impact on our health. It can be shared with those we love, or given as a token of our appreciation to those who have helped us. Many different cultures, traditions, faiths and beliefs can come together sharing a meal or food moment, and the simple act of “breaking bread” together can be a great way to overcome social barriers. It is very difficult to ‘maintain a rage’ with someone with whom you have shared food.

These concepts underpinned Food Fun’s development. Over many years, discussions with Activities Co-ordinators from many different group settings consistently identified the under-utilisation of food as a basis for group activities, and that there were limited resources to support food-based activities for groups – so we did something about it!

Food Fun is a resource that provides a comprehensive range of ideas for fun and interesting food-based activities.

Available editions include ebook and hardcopy.

Ebook recommended for orders outside Australia as international postage is very enthusiastically priced!