Looking for a guest speaker ...

... who can talk about food and nutrition ALL day?

​Who is experienced in speaking to groups?

Who presents information in a practical, take-home-and-make-changes manner?

Who presents complex concepts so that they are easy-to-understand?

Then look no further !

​Three of our most popular topics ...

Harm & Heal icon to highlight that drugs cause both benefits and harms

​​​Harm and Heal

​How do prescribed drugs ​affect your nutritional health? And ​what can you do to stay safe?​

Neuro-nutrition icon to highlight the importance of nutrition in neurodegenerative disorders


​Which foods and nutrients affect your ​brain?​ And which foods should you be eating to protect your brain?

Food wars icon to highlight the pending bombardment of nutrition misinformation

Food Wars

​Who influences our eating, and most importantly, whom should we believe when it comes to nutritional advice?

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Other topics include nutrition and ...

Sunshine icon to highlight the importance of sunshine in our lives


​Why are the sunshine nutrients - vitamin D and melatonin -  important?

Food issues icon relating to food intolerances

Food sensitivities

Which are the common food allergies and intolerances? How do you feed yourself and others, and how do you dine out safely?

Wound healing icon to highlight the importance of nutrition in wound healing


What is the role of food and nutrients in wound healing? Which are the best foods to eat to optimise healing?

Bleeding gums icon to question it's cause

​Bleeding gums

Is it gingivitis or is it scurvy? 
Why are your gums bleeding? ​Includes trending topics such as gut bugs, epigenetics and more ... can become quite lively!

Falls & nutrition icon to highlight that poor nutrition can cause falls


Afraid of falling?
Which foods and nutrients maintain your muscle mass and mobility, and/or support balance? 

Nutrition stuff icon which relates to general nutrition concerns

Other stuff

​Not sure if there is a role for nutrition in your preferred topic?
​Ask us - and if there is then we'll find it!

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About Yvonne Coleman

Yvonne Coleman
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E​xperienced in nutrition service provision?
With 30+ years in hospitals within Australia and overseas, community health centres, and various Aged Care services - probably yes.

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Experienced as a speaker on nutrition topics?
Having chatted to many different groups ranging from discussing healthy eating habits with offshore oil riggers, to encouraging good foods during pregnancy for the newly-pregnant woman/couple, to promoting better food choices with mid-teenagers, to running cooking sessions for groups of people with vision impairment, to what should we be eating to variously-aged groups, to outlining the impact of prescribed drugs on nutritional health to community-living seniors - probably yes.

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Yvonne finds there is a lot of curiosity about what constitutes good nutrition and how it relates to the individual and increasingly to the relationship between good food and sustainability.

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​T​o book Yvonne as a ​Speaker ​contact us he​​​re

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