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Group co-ordinators are unrecognised or under-recognised community heroes. Their job title may be Group co-ordinator or group manager or activities co-ordinator or lifestyle manager or some other name. Regardless of their title, their role is to continually organise interesting activities for groups. And of course they always have a Plan B in case Plan A falls over.

Food Fun in a yellow circle

Then there is the mail, both postal and electronic, with their many products and services. Each product and service of interest must be checked out for those with mobility, vision, hearing and eating limitations. Our unsung heroes are automatically doing all this stuff and more.

Gifts are special as they represent the giving of something special to someone who is special to them – be it grandparent and grandchild, or any age in between. For some people a group activity may be their only opportunity to create a gift. Organising food-based gifts for various festivities throughout the year may be far more important than any of us really understand. This activity alone would probably elevate an unsung hero to unsung super hero status!

Food Fun in a yellow circle

Many discussions over many years, with many different Activities Co-ordinators consistently identified the lack of food-based activities in groups. A commonly stated reason was the lack of resources relating to food-based activities. Our discussions covered a range of strategies to utilise food in some form to either directly or indirectly improve the nutritional health of participants. Food Fun was developed to address the lack of resources relating to food-based activities.

Group co-ordinators are our unsung heroes – Food Fun is a resource to support them in their immensely important, community-building work.

Food-based activities for groups

"Food is about pleasure whether alone or with others. Food-based activities in groups enhance the pleasures that the sharing of food provides."

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