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Group co-ordinators are unrecognised or under-recognised community heroes. Whether they are called Group co-ordinators, group managers, activities co-ordinators, lifestyle managers, or some other name, they all organise activities for groups – day in, day out, week in, week out, year in, year out. They balance that fine line of how often do you run a favourite activity without it losing its appeal, to deciding which new ideas will appeal to each of their groups, and of course always having a Plan B in place in case Plan A falls over.

Then there is the mail – postal, electronic – buy this, come here, we will visit you, our minimum numbers are X, and with these inundations are the accessibility questions to their services such as what access options are there for those with various limitations to their function such as ​vision, hearing, ​mobility and therefore requiring wheelchairs or wheelie frames, eating ability and therefore requiring texture-modified foods and fluids … the list is long. Our unsung heroes are automatically doing all this stuff and more.

Food-based gifts are special as they represent the giving of something special to someone who is special to them – be it grandparent and grandchild, or any age in between. For some people a group activity may be their only opportunity to create a gift for someone special in their life. Organising food-based gifts for various festivities throughout the year may be far more important than any of us really understand. This activity alone would probably elevate an unsung hero to unsung super hero status!

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Over many years, discussions with Group co-ordinators from many different group settings consistently identified the under-utilisation of food as a basis for group activities, and that there are limited resources to support food-based activities for groups - so we did something about it!

Food Fun was developed to assist the annual planning of group activities for the year, and to be a Plan B backstop when Plan A falls over. It contains lots of ideas to address a range of scenarios from no-cook foods, to the exploration of cultures and rituals, and to many other activities - all with some aspect of food as the theme.

Group co-ordinators are our society’s unsung heroes – Food Fun was developed as a resource to support them in their frequently thankless, but immensely important, community-building work. We thank you for your contribution.

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Food-based activities for groups

"Food is about pleasure whether alone or with others. Food-based activit​​​​ies in groups enhance the pleasures that the sharing of food provides."

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