Food Fun

Food-based activities for groups

For those who choose to include the many facets of food in their group activities ...

What makes Food Fun so great?

Food Fun is focused on the exploration of food, including the role it plays in cultural traditions, rituals, gift giving, and of course sharing food truly brings people together – we are more likely to trust those with whom we share food, consequently it breaks down barriers and builds community.

The sharing of a meal or food moment can be a lovely, informal way of breaking down social barriers. 

Food Fun was developed as a resource to support Group Co-ordinators in their immensely important, community-building work. It contains lots of interactive and innovative ideas 
based on food as a theme.

Food Fun - interesting, diverse, fun, food-based ideas for group activities!

Still not sure?

​Download our free resource and try before you buy ...

​Our Cheatsheet is a free resource that offers you ​5 very different ideas for activities based on food as a theme.

Download our FREE Cheatsheet and get started with your first 5 food-based activities!

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