Food-based activities for groups

The sharing of a meal or food moment can be a ​lovely, informal way of breaking down social barriers. 

Activities involving food are great for building community - regardless of group size.

Food Fun was developed as a resource to support Group Co-ordinators in their immensely important, community-building work. It contains lots of interactive and innovative ideas 
​based on food as a theme.

Food Fun covers for ebook and hardcopy

What makes Food Fun so great?

Food Fun is focused on the exploration of food, including the role it plays in cultural traditions, rituals, gift giving, and of course ​sharing food truly brings people together – we are more likely to trust those with whom we share food, consequently it breaks down barriers and builds community.

​So some of the ​functions that ​food-based activities can contribute are outlined below.

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Social icebreaker

Very important for those new to a very stable group,
and/or groups with a constantly changing membership.

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Planning group activities for the year can be tough. In order to improve access, we indexed the listed activities.

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Foods you can make and eat now, or make now and eat later,
​create your own delicious culinary masterpieces to share with the group or to give as gifts.

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Learn about all aspects of our food supply from paddock to plate,
have picnics and BBQs,

go to some tastings.


Explore food's contibution to The Arts, television, cinema, theatre, and entertainment in general​.

​Culture and rituals ...

​The celebration of key life milestones, significant rituals, traditional pastimes ... food's important role in celebrations 

​Food gifts

​Sometimes group activities are the only opportunity some people have to make a gift for a loved one.


​A great way to celebrate the group's achievements with a "product" that highlights their contribution.

Icon of person standing at a podium

​And more ..

Invited guest speakers and experts;
​food discussions, philosophical perspectives about various food dilemmas, and more.

Is Food Fun the right book for you?

​​Do you ​frequently plan activities?

Importantly do you like food?
Then this book will help you with lots of ideas!

Do you co-ordinate or assist with various groups' activities? 
Then this book will help you plan!

Are you always looking for new ideas for group activities?
Or perhaps a fresh take on an old idea?
Then this book will help you innovate!

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then Food Fun was created for YOU!

Food Fun covers for ebook and hardcopy


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Food Fun - interesting, diverse, fun, food-based ideas for group activities!

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