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Food Fun

Food-based activities for groups

Group activities based on the exploration of the many roles of food in our lives ... growing, visiting, making, consuming, entertaining, discussing.

What makes Food Fun so great?

Food Fun explores the many roles of food in our lives such as -

  • the role it plays in cultural traditions and rituals, 
  • a way of saying thank you with this foodgift I made for you,
  • a fun format for fundraising,
  • social inclusion.

"Sharing food truly brings people together – we are more likely to trust those with whom we share food, and so it builds community by breaking down barriers."

Food Fun was developed as a resource to support Group Co-ordinators in their immensely important, community-building work. It contains lots of interactive and innovative ideas based on the role of food in our lives and in our societies.

Food Fun - interesting, diverse, fun, food-based ideas for group activities!

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Still not sure?

Download our free resource and try before you buy ...

Our Cheatsheet identifies 5 different activities based on food as a theme.

Small image Food Fun Cheatsheet
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